Mental Awareness, Respect and Safety (MARS) Program

The Mental Awareness, Respect and Safety (MARS) Program is a Western Australian government interagency collaboration that is working with a range of partners to achieve a whole-of-system change that supports workplace mental health, wellbeing, respect and safety in the mining sector. 

The MARS Program has three focus areas:


  • Creating mentally healthy workplaces – by managing psychosocial hazards and promoting positive practices at work that support mental health and wellbeing.
  • Building a culture of safety and respect – with safe, gender-equitable, respectful and inclusive workplaces.
  • Preparing for workplace safety in future mining – training the future mining workforce on work health and safety, including psychosocial hazards and controls, and by addressing emerging risks and fostering innovation and research in mining health and safety.


Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safey
100 Plain Street
East Perth WA 6004

Telephone: 1300 136 237



Dr Ivor Roberts, Acting Deputy WorkSafe Commissioner, Western Australian Government 


Dr Ivor Roberts has been a senior public servant within the Western Australian state government for over a decade. As Acting Deputy WorkSafe Commissioner, Dr Roberts assists with the regulation of the recently changed workplace safety legislation, that includes all industries in WA, including the mining sector. He is a member of the Executive Leadership Group of the Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety. Previously, Dr Roberts was appointed Executive Director of Mineral Titles in May 2010. With staff located in 10 regional locations, as well as Perth, Dr Roberts was responsible for ensuring Western Australia remained the destination of choice for responsible exploration and mining. In 2018, following agency mergers, Dr Roberts was appointed Executive Director Regulatory Support Division of WorkSafe.

Prior state government positions include Manager Mineral Resources in the Geological Survey of Western Australia, and Regional Manager of the Geological Survey in Kalgoorlie. Previously, he held academic and research positions at several universities, including the University of New South Wales and the Western Australian School of Mines. Besides a comprehensive understanding of the geology and mineralisation of Western Australia, Dr Roberts is one of few individuals who has a sound knowledge of the procedures and practices for complying with legislative requirements to explore and mine in Western Australia, including their policy development.