Mining Magazine Intelligence Research Reports

The launch of the Mining Magazine Intelligence (MMI) suite of research reports is a natural progression for Aspermont into the research space, leveraging Mining Magazine's 110-year history.

MMi research focuses on the key technology and innovation proliferating the mining space, including the leading mines, miners and suppliers. As with Mining Magazine, MMI takes a global view of the market. 

Automation Report:

The Mining Magazine Intelligence Automation Report provides a comprehensive review of automation within the mining industry. It collates interviews with industry leaders and profiles on mines at various stages of automation to help stakeholders understand the operators and suppliers at the leading edge of this technology.

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Digitalisation Report

A comprehensive review of the software, hardware and infrastructure in place across the leading mines and development projects in the industry and will attempt to quantify how these technologies are being deployed, how they are changing operations, the next steps for innovation and, wherever possible, how much is being invested.

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Future Fleets:

For its Future Fleets Report, the MMI research team is building a database of the most innovative and advanced mobile fleets either in action or planned for delivery. The report will take a particular interest in the energy requirements of an evolving fleets market that is feeling the pressure from its clients to assist in meeting increasingly strict emissions targets.

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Exploration Report:

The 21st Century Mine Finders Report will take a wholistic view of the exploration space, reviewing the latest technology and innovation in play for both greenfields and brownfields exploration to see what that tells us about the nature of the challenge for modern-day explorers and build a picture of the solutions.

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