Applied Measurement Australia Pty Ltd
About us

The XTRAN brand is owned by Applied Measurement Australia, and stands for excellence, integrity, efficiency and leadership in customised sensor and system solutions. Applied Measurement Australia has been supplying sensor-based measurement and data acquisition solutions for nearly 50 years, across diverse applications and industries, including to some of Australia’s largest mining companies. Experts in ruggedised sensor, data acquisition and telemetry technology, we work with customers to engineer the right solution for their requirements. We carefully choose the system components to work perfectly together, ensuring data accuracy and integrity throughout the system. Whether that’s sensors, signal conditioning, transmitters, receivers, data loggers, laptops or plc’s, we ensure the system gives you the data you need to make your business decisions or to keep your processes running.

Telephone: 03 9874 5777

PRODUCT SOLUTIONS IN MINING & TECHNOLOGY WE OFFER: Automation, Electronics & Control Instrumentation, GPS Technologies, Health and Safety, IOT, Safety & Security Equipment, Sensors, Surveying Equipment, Technology in Mining, Vibration Control, Wireless Monitoring
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