Full Name
Callum Moore
Job Title
HSEC Manager
Speaker Bio
Callum is a motivated, proactive, and forward-thinking, health, safety, environment (HSE), and well-being professional with a double degree in Occupational Health and Safety, and Health Promotion. With this comprehensive educational background and experience across a variety of sectors, Callum has a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of HSE management principles, frameworks and processes. Passionate about implementing practical and effective behavioural safety programs and driving efficient management systems, Callum continuously seeks to expand the boundaries and simplify processes in order to foster continuous improvement. Drawing on his extensive experience in the mining and construction industries, Callum offers a fresh perspective on health and safety, challenging and transforming traditional ideals in collaboration with all stakeholders. Recognised for strong communication skills, unmatched enthusiasm and unwavering optimism, Callum specialises in providing HSE leadership that is backed by a solid track record in risk mitigation and HSE performance. Having recently attained Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the Curtin Graduate School of Business and expertise in health and safety, Callum is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the field and drive positive change.
Callum Moore