Full Name
Sachin Prasad
Job Title
Regional Sales Manager
Piller Australia
Speaker Bio
Sachin is responsible for the business development for the Piller Company in various parts of Australasia and across multitude of industries. Sachin has a degree in Technology Management, with additional tertiary education in Applied Science and IP Network design. He has been involved in the power quality and sustainable energy industries for most of his working career; more than 25 of those years with Piller. Piller Australia has delivered hundreds of customised critical power and power stabilising solutions to their clients in the Data Centre, Telecommunications, Banking, Defence and Energy sectors and various other applications throughout Australasia. Based on more than 100 years’ experience and a wide product range such as Static, Hybrid, Rotary and Generator-Rotary power systems and energy storage technologies, Piller can satisfy any requirement at power ranges 3kW up to 50MW in a variety of electrical constellations and distribution networks.
Sachin Prasad