Full Name
Jairo Bernal
Job Title
Finance Director and Company Secretary
Speaker Bio
Jairo Bernal is a seasoned global finance executive boasting over two decades of progressive experience within the natural resources sector, marked by his successful leadership of international projects across four continents.
Currently serving as Head of Finance at the Australian subsidiary of SQM, the world’s largest lithium chemicals producer which is presently undergoing substantial expansion in Australia.
In his capacity, Jairo plays a crucial role in steering the financial direction of various lithium projects, acquisitions, and partnerships in the region, notably leading the prominent Mount Holland lithium project in Western Australia. This multi-billion-dollar project includes the development of a mine, a concentrator, and a refinery, all aimed at producing battery-grade lithium hydroxide.
In his role, Jairo strategically directs the planning, resource allocation, and execution of financial strategies tailored to meet the specific needs of the region, ensuring the success and sustained growth of the projects.
Jairo Bernal