Full Name
Chad Burrows
Job Title
Manager of Digital Innovation
Roy Hill
Speaker Bio
Chad Burrows is the Manager of Digital Innovation at Roy Hill, where he has been instrumental in integrating cutting-edge technology solutions into the mining industry. During his short time at Roy Hill so far, Chad has led the development of RoyBot, the first language model actively used in mining, and MineTales, an innovative educational game. Prior to Roy Hill, Chad spent over a decade at BHP, where work included spearheading BHP's global Operational Technology integration, leading a team of 40 to define, discover, and manage risks for over 65,000 technology components, ensuring a seamless transition of people, processes, and technology across the company's international operations. Chad's recent achievements reflect his expertise in AI, cloud solutions, and data analytics, underscoring his commitment to fostering innovation and improving productivity and safety in the mining sector. His leadership is characterized by a strategic focus on technology as a catalyst for operational excellence and competitive advantage.
Chad Burrows